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Welcome to the premier pool inspection company on the Peninsula! With Chris Staley at the helm, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. As a dynamic husband and wife duo, Chris and Mel work harmoniously to ensure your inspection experience is seamless and hassle-free. Drawing from over 15 years of building and construction expertise, Chris leverages his in-depth knowledge to assess and assist our customers throughout the rectification process.

Rest assured, when you choose our services, your FIXED FEE covers it all - EVERY visit, a detailed inspection report to dedicated customer support and Form 23 certification. Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises, as we promise a transparent and hassle-free experience from start to finish!

Swimming Pool Fence Compliance 

Discover the Secrets of Pool Fencing Regulations:

Be in harmony with the Australian Standard AS1926.1

Ensure Your Pool's Safety:

Secure an appointment with our expert inspector today! They'll thoroughly evaluate your pool and spa area, generating a detailed report of any necessary adjustments to align with council regulations.

Prepare to be amazed by the seemingly innocuous hazards that pose a threat to curious children and even your beloved pets. Young ones are remarkably cunning and will exploit even the tiniest opening for access to the pool, putting themselves at risk of drowning. Let's defy the odds and prevent any tragedies within your premises. The alarming number of fatalities directly linked to non-compliant safety barriers speaks volumes -- compliance is the ultimate key to thwarting drowning incidents.

Need a Pool Inspection? Don't let pool safety take a backseat - get a professional swimming pool inspection today | Chris Staley is a Professional Pool Inspector with a wide range of Pool Knowledge | Ensure your Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance by hiring an expert

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How Much Does a Pool Inspection Cost? 

Attention pool owners and future pool enthusiasts! It's time to ensure the safety of your beloved swimming pool. Take advantage of our inspection offer at just $350 for the entire safety inspection. Here at our company, we are all about comprehensive pool safety inspections that guarantee peace of mind and NO HIDDEN FEES!

So, why choose Chris for your pool inspection needs? Well, not only do we ensure that your pool meets all necessary safety regulations, but we also offer a stress-free, high-quality process which will leave you satisfied. Chris Staley provides pool safety consultations, pre-purchase inspections, re-inspections, and  issues Form 23 certificates. Plus, if your pool fence or gate requires repairs, Chris Staley can recommend top-notch repairers for the job!

To save you both time and money, we recommend checking out our pool safety checklist on our website before scheduling an audit. Don't compromise on pool safety - trust our pool audit experts who are certified and fully accredited by the VBA. We service Frankston, Seaford Vic, Sandhurst, Langwarrin, Skye Vic, Carrum Downs, and Greater Melbourne, ensuring compliance with Frankston City Council laws.

Your swimming pool is a significant investment that deserves top-notch care and attention. Don't let any pool problems sneak up on you - instead, get a professional pool and spa barrier audit from us today!

And here's why you should choose us. As certified pool barrier inspectors, we provide a thorough inspection report  which gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your pool barrier's condition. We believe in making informed decisions, and that's why our detailed report will be shared and reviewed with you, ensuring you understand the condition of your pool barrier.

When it comes to pool safety, we've got you covered. Get your Form 23 certificate now, and discover which pools and spas require registration. Remember, safety barrier rules apply to any pool that can hold more than 300mm (30cm) of water, including permanent pools, indoor pools, above-ground pools, spas, wading pools, and relocatable pools.

Curious about the process? It's simple! After registering your pool with your local council, schedule an appointment with Chris Staley for your first inspection. Rest assured, Chris will thoroughly examine your pool, including the surrounding area, and provide you with a detailed report the same night. If your pool passes the inspection, you'll receive a Form 23, which must be submitted to the council within 30 days.

Choose us for unparalleled pool safety and compliance. We're here to keep your swimming pool safe, enjoyable, and worry-free!

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