Get the Most Reliable Swimming Pool Inspection for Frankston

Experience a comprehensive pool inspection like never before in Frankston! Chris Staley is a professional and reliable specialist who is here to ensure your pool is safe and up to code. With our licensed pool safety inspector, we'll thoroughly check your pool fence and provide advice on enhancing pool safety and fencing. 

Meet Chris, our experienced professional with over 15 years of expertise in the construction and building industry. With his extensive knowledge, he'll guide you through the compliance process seamlessly. Our FIXED FEE covers all necessary visits, with an inspection report delivered within 24 hours of the first visit. You'll also receive a Form 23 compliance certificate and full customer support throughout the process. Need assistance with referrals? Chris can recommend reliable and affordable tradespeople or help you find the perfect parts.

At our service, we believe in making your life easier. With our set and forget reminder system, we'll automatically contact you 6 months before your next inspection is due, taking care of the entire process with your consent. We aim to provide a stress-free and seamless experience from start to finish. Our dedicated team is always available to address your questions, make additional visits to monitor your progress, and even liaise directly with the council if needed.

Discover exceptional customer service and peace of mind with our pool inspection services. Your safety is our top priority! Don't hesitate to reach out and let us assist you in creating a safe and enjoyable pool environment.

Our Licensed Pool Fence Safety Inspector Can Help

Looking for an exceptional inspector? Look no further! Chris is a qualified and experienced inspector who will leave no stone unturned whilst inspecting your pool fence to ensure it surpasses all safety standards. And guess what? If everything checks out, we'll present you with a compliance certificate in just 48 hours. But here's the exciting part - Chris Staley doesn't just disappear after the inspection. With over 15 years of experience in the building and construction fields, Chris will be your trusted guide throughout the process. 

Comprehensive Swimming Pool Safety Inspections in the suburb of Frankston

Explore the array of services we offer to guarantee the safety of your pool:

Thorough inspections for pool and spa barriers 

Full customer support including phone support, trade referrals and where to source parts
Certificates to ensure pool barrier safety
Non-conformity notices for swift action

With our dedicated team of professionals, consisting of both a husband and wife duo, rest assured that we're here to support you in creating a safe and secure pool environment for you and your cherished ones.

Expert Advice on Pool Safety Inspections as per the Victorian Building Authority Building Inspection Guidelines | Find a pool inspector near me 

Looking to ensure pool safety and the security of all swimmers? Our licensed inspector from the Victorian Building Authority has got your back! Get expert advice on every aspect of pool safety and your fence or barrier. We cover it all — from checking if the latch and hinges are in perfect working condition to identifying any potential climbable objects. With our unique and engaging advice, you can rest assured that your pool is safe and secure for everyone.

Need a Pool Inspection? Don't let pool safety take a backseat - get a professional swimming pool inspection today | Chris Staley is a Professional Pool Inspector with a wide range of Pool Knowledge | Ensure your Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance by hiring an expert

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Minor Repairs and Adjustments to ensure Barrier Compliance

Our pool inspector is an expert at advising of any minor repairs and adjustments required to obtain your pool safety certificate. From tweaking latches and hinges to removing climbable objects, we cover it all. These meticulous repairs and adjustments are crucial in guaranteeing the utmost safety of your pool and swimmers. With our dependable services, you can rest assured that your pool fully complies with all pool safety regulations.

Affordable Pool Inspection Services  | Obtain your compliance certificate today!

Looking to keep your pool in top-notch condition? Look no further! Our pool inspection services offer unbeatable affordability and easy accessibility. For a FIXED FEE of $350 Including GST, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your pool is in the capable hands of Chris Staley. With our expert pool inspection services, you can safeguard your investment and ensure the safety and efficiency of your pool. From the initial inspection to the final walkthrough, Chris will be there every step of the way, providing VBA qualified expertise to identify and rectify any issues affordably and effortlessly. Once your barrier is compliant, Chris will  issue a pool and spa barrier compliance certificate, because your satisfaction and safety matter most. Rest assured, with Chris as your certifier, your pool is in the best hands possible.

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