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We offer easy to understand, best practice pool fence safety inspections to ensure you are compliant with Australian Standards. We don’t charge a pre-inspection fee or a re-inspection fee, we have a one off charge, no more to pay!

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Chris from Peninsula Pool Compliance

Well Trained Pool Fence Inspections

Chris Staley has over 12 years experience in the building, construction and inspection fields. Chris will offer easy to understand, best practice pool safety inspections to ensure you are compliant with Australian Standards.

Chris is Fully Qualified, Registered and Insured.

As a Frankston based company we service the Peninsula, Bayside and the Greater Melbourne area and Regional Victoria.

We have the experience and expertise to ensure you are fully compliant to the required standards.

New pool and spa registration and inspection requirements

On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria. They introduce new registration, inspection and certification requirements for property owners.

As part of the changes, owners are required to register their pool and spa with their local council & have their safety barrier inspected once every 4 years.

Owners will need to engage a registered building surveyor or building inspector (we can do it!) to carry out an inspection and issue the compliance certificate.

Once a pool or spa is registered, the local council will notify owners of the due date for the first certificate of pool barrier compliance. Owners are required to arrange an inspection and lodge the certificate with their local council by the due date.

how it works

step 1

Register and Download

Register your pool by 1 November 2020.

By now, you should have registered your pool with your local council, and received a letter stating the pool construction date, and the standard that applies to your pool. This is an important document – we will need a copy!

New laws requiring pool owners to register and certify their pool apply to all new and existing pools across Victoria. Whilst the standards or rules that apply to each pool may differ, the process of registering and certifying each pool is the same.

Download the applicable checklist below for your pool or spa. This will give you the tools to complete your own pre-inspection and rectify any items prior to the inspection.

The age of the pool has been determined by the Council and will appear on the letter sent by the Council.

resort style pool next to a house

Is your spa or pool barrier compliant to safety standards?

checklist 1

For pools and spas installed
before the 8th of April 1991

checklist 2

For pools and spas installed
between the 8th of April 1991
and the 30th of April 2010

checklist 3

For pools and spas that were installed
from the 1st of May 2010

step 2


Book your inspection now

call Chris on 0498 589 573

step 3


We provide a comprehensive site inspection and assessment of pool safety barriers for compliance with regulatory requirements.

step 4


If your safety barriers are compliant; a Compliance Certificate will be issued for you to lodge with Council.

If there is any non-compliance found with the barrier this will be discussed in detail with you on the day and an easy to understand written report with photos will be supplied identifying the non-compliant items.

Within 60 days Chris will come and re-inspect your Pool or Spa if required at no additional charge after recommended repairs or alterations are complete.

Issue of compliance certificate and scheduled reminder to ensure you have plenty of notice when your next inspection is required in order to maintain compliance.

Once we’ve certified your pool, you have 30 days to lodge your compliance certificate to council.

This certificate MUST be submitted within 30 days, or it will expire and we need to inspect again.

We’ll contact you again in 4 years when it’s time to go through the process again.

Sunny day glass pool fence and pool next to beach

You must lodge your certificate within 30 days to council

A lady relaxing poolside on a lounge wearing a sun hat

set and forget

When you engage Peninsula Pool Compliance, our automated system ensures you receive  a reminder 6 months prior to your next Certificate lodgement date, taking the hassle & fuss out of this process.

our fees

We don’t charge a pre-inspection fee or a re-inspection fee on top of the inspection fee.

We just have a one off fee, $350  no more to pay!

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